August Artist Introduction

August Artist Introduction

Want to know who’s performing at the next Chasin Fridays? Without further ado let us introduce you to Sash, K. Matharoo and Frostize.


“Music took over every other hobby or passion I possessed- I fell in love,” says Sash about her passion for music from a young age. Born in 1994 in Colombia, Sash – a soul/r&b singer, songwriter from East London harboured dreams of becoming a footballer until she was presented with a guitar at the age of 12.

Soon after she began guitar lessons, fuelling her desire to write songs and become an artist. At first, these songs about her personal experience and innermost thoughts remained private, but that all changed when she began Music in Secondary School. That subject gave her the belief to pursue her singing career from then on.

Listen to her here.

Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Soundcloud @ iamsashmusic

K. Matharoo

K. Matharoo is a UK artist based outside of London. In 2015 he released the mixtape “For Those Who Don’t Know”, utilising beats by artists such as Drake and Future, alongside soundscapes crafted by the likes of J.Dilla, Madlib, and MF Doom. His raw lyrical dexterity and impressive range of technical ability make him the go to artist for both the casual music lover and the hip hop head. Building on influences from a wide range of Hip Hop notables, from Eminem to Nas to Redman, to contemporaries such as Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, K. Matharoo has built his talent upon a strong foundation, also bleeding into his energetic and passionate live performances.

His first mixtape was followed up by the No Entry EP last year, and this year, he continued his hard work with The Notepad Series.

Listen to him here.

Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook @ kmatharoo94


Frostize is a UK artist originally from the East End of London with an unique sound. Frostize formerly went by the artist name “Frost-Boy” because he was always seen in the latest garments and as he got older this same association with his character developed into the name Frostize – a combination of Frost and an abbreviation of his surname Ize. Much of Frostize’s music is inspired by R’n’B rap, containing a running essence of the new-skool American sound.

Listen to him here.

Twitter/Facebook @ Frostize
Instagram @ FrostizeOfficial

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