Guest Blog – Music and Fashion

Photo by Serrah Galos

Guest Blog – Music and Fashion

Music and Fashion

Music allows you to express your individuality, whilst simultaneously showing your affiliation to a style and a genre. The same goes for fashion; it’s a showcase of your emotions, political stance, and beliefs. Together they show where we are as a society today, it’s a stamp, a snapshot, and the current image displays cultural homogenisation. Defined as the breakdown of cultural barriers as the globalisation of themes increase, cultural homogenisation is the process of the adoption of elements of one culture to another.

Let’s rewind a little, to explore how exactly the two have influenced each other in a few of the most popular trends in the past decade.






The 1920’s saw the introduction of Jazz and the flappers. Very risqué and scandalous in its day with the emergence of speakeasies the fashion of the 20’s mirrored this. Shorter skirts, loose clothing to enable movement, and no bras, the music and fashion highlighted feminist undertones.

Teen pop fashion came about as a direct demand from the target market. As film and television became more widely available to younger audiences, the fashion tastes changed to copy that of their idols.

Credit:Melise Amour

As the interest in hip hop spread outside the urban areas in the US, so did the emulation of the fashion of these emerging rappers. This thereby turns the fashion synonymous with the music.

Credit:Aliza Abarbanel

To this day fashion and music are two interchangeable influences on society, the latter having more of an impact on the former. Both highly creative and influential, the two industries are simultaneously beneficial to one another. Artists release clothing lines with retailers, and fashion brands utilise the celebrity of these artists to raise the brand’s awareness.

All it takes is one song, one music video to change the way retailers can sell their products. Moreover, the type of music an individual listens to is portrayed in their fashion choices, and more often than not people will bond over these similarities. Music has an eccentric hold over fashion, and vice versa. The evolutions we are currently seeing in music are mirrored in those we will see in fashion. The cycle is never-ending and brings with it a multitude of benefits to fashionista and music lovers.


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