Guest Blog: New Year, New Styles

Photo by Ilya Ilyukhin

Guest Blog: New Year, New Styles

The New Year is now upon us and Fashion is at its best!

This week’s guest blog features Crystal-Clear writing about fashion trends that need to stay behind in 2017 and what to expect this year…

Autumn and Winter have always been my favourite seasons mainly because of Christmas but also – fashion. The options are endless with layers upon layers and now we will see shops and online retailers filling their new in pages with must-have pieces. For 2017 there were a number of trends that I feel could happily be left in 2017, so Happy New Year and goodbye to these fashion faux pas!

Here’s some of my top Fashion Trends of 2017 that we should be waving goodbye to for the New Year: Goodbye 2017!





Credit: Pinterest

We all loved a good Slider; for a while due to their comfort, colour ranges and of course –Rihanna was wearing them! At first, sliders were known as pool shoes or indoor slip-ons but now a whole new world of sliders have been created for your comforting needs. I do myself have a fluffy pink pair but I only wear these at home or when getting petrol. I never wear them shopping, at the gym and worst of all – WORKING. Yes, these are some of the places where I myself have spotted Sliders flip-flopping around. I’m not saying we need to say goodbye to them all together but let’s not wear our PJs outside if you know what I mean. Let’s save these bad boys for holidays or lounging at home.

2017 thank you and goodbye 😉

Lace Bodysuits

Credit: Pinterest

As sexy as they are, lace bodysuits are definitely a no-no for 2018! I have never understood why certain online retailers (based in the UK) are selling these bodysuits on their New In pages. The season is Autumn/Winter style… please tell me when you will be wearing this outfit over Christmas and the New Year. Even on holiday, any woman will tell you, when you spot a lady wearing this outfit you can’t help but feel uncomfortable for her due to the lace pressed against her body.

Personally, I feel these suits are only necessary for an Insta pic; not an all-day travelling outfit.

As you can see some people throw on a thick knit when styling this look… the question is are you hot or are you cold?

Off the shoulder knitwear


I can’t stress this enough with the hot and cold. I love a good jumper, but I’ll never feel the warming benefits of one when my shoulders are having wind, rain, and thunder thrown at them!

Dramatic I know but I don’t understand why someone would ruin such a fulfilling fabric, please say goodbye to your jumpers in 2017 that no longer fulfill your winter and flu season needs. 

If you wanted to find this look on a catwalk well, you can’t! I honestly feel if the fashion world has given up on the freezing cold shoulders than so should you!

Flared Denim


Last one I promise – flared denim.

When I think of flared denim jeans I can only imagine the Bee Gees walking down the abandoned street, strolling past an old train and empty houses in their flared trousers, preaching about staying alive! Released in the late 70s, I do feel the flared denim should stay there.

No matter how much you think about it, denim will always be here with us. It’s the only fabric and statement piece that we can always count on that will never ‘go out of fashion’. I love that fashion comes full circle, now a woman can dress like Audrey Hepburn and it would be the best look in town but flared denim will never be ‘in’ for me.

Even though we still see it on our screens on retail stores and in the denim section of Topshop doesn’t mean it should come back to our catwalks.

Now I’m sorry to start this New Year on a negative note but now we can keep our heads up, our eyes open and look out for these new statement fashion piece’s that I feel will be big this upcoming season and throughout this magnificent year to come. 

Hello 2018!

Motorcross Clothing


Rappers are wearing it, Cardi B is wearing it, Nicki Minaj is wearing it, and it’s everywhere! 

This beautiful new range first came to my attention when listening to the Migos track named MotorSport. I didn’t realise in the midst of my online shopping that this look is actually everywhere! Pretty Little Thing (the online retailer) are killing it this season with these amazing prints and leather trousers. We know exactly where this look has stemmed from that being the sport itself, but what a successful idea to put that sexy look into our high street stores.

I personally adore the edgy skater girl look, feeling like you’ve just jumped out of a car window after killing it on the track. The colours are bright, the prints bold and the look is big this year and counting. 

I’m predicting that soon we will be seeing actual Lewis Hamilton jumpsuits online and I will be buying one.

Stripes Stripes Stripes


Stripes have always been with us in fashion but now they are bigger and better. The benefits alone of wearing a striped outfit is one plus but the current blazers, long trousers, and dresses I’m with all the way. 

Everybody knows that stripes lengthen the body, if they’re going down you look taller, if they’re sideways you look curvier. The options are endless for this old yet unique pattern and I feel 2018 will be a hit for the stripes.

Velvet Suits


Velvet has always been my favourite material to wear. I’ve added it to my basket a number of times every autumn/winter and spring season. You can never have too much velvet, but now we have the suits!

A blazer with a heavy fabric such as velvet can look baggy and shapeless when falling over the shoulders but recently I’ve been seeing a wonderful new range of velvet suits and I am adoring the slight hint of shoulder pad and the shapely trousers.

Seen on most LFW catwalks around the colder seasons, velvet will never go out of style when it comes to our winter wardrobes.

It comes in all shapes and colors, some colours are beautifully vibrant and others (like the picture above) lighter and calmer. I feel we’ll be seeing a lot more of these stunning suits on the upcoming catwalks and red carpets to come.

Scarf Print

Credit:Pretty Little Thing

Yes, it may seem quite out of season, but this beautiful Versace inspired print is the fashion must have right now. Yes, the material is thin, but the fabric is soft and the look says “I’m Unique and I have class!”

I can’t help but picture myself stroking a tiger when wearing a design like this but it does feel good, plus it’s been a hit on the catwalks, especially in its pink and gold colours. 

This kind of pattern comes in many different styles like the velvet material, I can see this on trousers, crop tops, playsuits or flowy dresses like this one. 

I’ve recently been adding this print to my wardrobe as I love the gold vibes, I style this with crushed velvet boots or any over the knee boot I own; it just works!

Whatever you end up wearing this New Year and this season, I hope you make the boldest statement possible and have fun styling your unique wardrobe for the upcoming seasons.


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