Guest Blog: Urban Photography

Guest Blog: Urban Photography

Urban Photography

I will start by saying, anybody can take a picture BUT not everybody has the same eye, we all see things differently! I really LOVE the different areas of London, such as Shoreditch, Camden and many more, as I think they are definitely full of photographic potential.

I love the hustle and bustle of the cities, people are moving at fast paces, people are coming home from work and school! Being super observational is a must for me, as you will certainly capture unique shots.
In fact, I think everybody should be observing their surroundings in general! It’s important to totally let your wild imagination take over and you will start to notice things you wouldn’t usually notice!

I started an Instagram page (CapriciousLDN) last year in 2017 with my small team, the name CapriciousLDN represents all of us. We felt that we saw things differently to other people. As an individual, I like to take a picture depending on my mood as I can get a story from it! I think our style can be quite psychedelic and people really seem to enjoy it!

Our work is always creative when photographing and even more creative with our trippy editing, this is what makes us unique! Like I said before I let my imagination run wild and that includes, for example,  changing the sky colour to purple in my photos.

Urban street photography is very important to us and I think it could be a way to inspire and reach out to the young people in the future somehow!

Christina Donaldson
Founder of CapriciousLDN

Check out CapriousLDN on Instagram here.