What’s next after LFW?

What’s next after LFW?

In this week’s guest blog, Crystal-Clear talks all things London Fashion Week and what we should expect over the coming months…

London Fashion Week has been and always will be the most exciting fashion event to hit London. Every year the most expensive and well-known models grace our catwalks wearing the worlds best designs from the biggest names in the business!

This year LFW exploded with colourful creativity and as always uniqueness.

Here I’ll be covering my three favourite catwalks and where you’ll find similar versions/inspirations to purchase these looks at home.





Armani – Patterns and Pastels

Credit: Pinterest

It’s safe to say Armani had some colourful moments, showcasing beautiful pastel colours and baggy suits. This can be seen as quite risky but of course, Armani pulls it off!

I loved the thin striped features flowing through the materials, adding that glimpse of shape and colour whilst wearing a thin and heavy layer. A rainbow can be added to any colour especially down the sides of a tracksuit or dress but here Armani shows many lines in many ways and it just works.

Some outfits like the picture below flaunt many patterns, colours you name it! Yet Armani managed to stay in their pastel theme, no dark colours here just light colours for all.


This particular pattern reminded me of a beach bag or your dad’s workout pants back in the 80s! Now you should know that catwalks are made to showcase your most insane and expressive styles and I’ll be the first one to tell you that fashion always comes back around – so who better to reintroduce this fun and exciting look than Armani itself.

I’m ready for these beautiful Spring/Summer tones to hit our stores plus the many thin and flowy layers that Armani added to this collection. This shows me how well we can add and accessorise in the summer minus being baking hot by using these thin and colourful materials with pastel tones.

Here’s an example of Missguided catching on with the pastel Spring and Summer trend.


Tommy Hilfiger – Rock Circus!


As we reach the opposite end of the spectrum, Tommy Hilfiger showcases its Rock Circus, the title says it all.

Sticking with its theme of colours with TH’s famous logo known worldwide, I loved the American rock and doll feel. You see a lot of beanie hats, tiny backpacks, chunky jewellery and thigh-high tights. Of course, Gigi and Bella made their appearance with their edgy vibe adding heavy eye makeup and a fierce strut.

My favourite look was Bella’s all-seeing eye hoody – the look was finished off perfectly with sexy messy hair and thigh-high tights. You can see throughout this Circus that TH wanted to put on a big show, each model had the tense job of circling the floor, showcasing their looks walking down a long set of stairs, I loved the chaos of this catwalk much like a Circus itself.

I can’t help but feel that the colours shown give off an American girl next door vibe… I loved this baggy Tommy Jumper Dress with its sequinned finish and the striped beanie.

The Circus show is great inspiration for those wanting to keep their edgy street style look throughout Spring/Summer.


A similar version of the look above can be seen here at Missguided.



Burberry – The coat of many colours


I had to leave the best til last because WOW Burberry slayed the day away with this incredibly bold catwalk, changing the way we look at Burberry forever. How have I not thought of this before! I was stunned to see nothing but rainbow shining through the iconic pattern that is Burberry.

I loved everything about this Catwalk and all that it stands for.

The heavy gold jewellery and the swinging spotlights were doing the most but nothing was taking my focus off of that beautiful coat of colours. Burberry showed Spring and Summer how to shine and again we saw allot of thin yet cosy looking fabrics.

Quick to jump to the mark, Missguided shows us how they like to do it and I’m sure we’re going to see much more of this print in the near future. Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo have already dropped their summer festival lines as yes it is that time of the year again – Coachella is on the horizon!


Living up to the hype as per usual, no one other than Cara Delevingne struts out perfectly with this statement outfit. Walking with her hands in her pockets and swaying them side to side, confirmed the Burberry pattern inside this beautiful coat. This coat is spectacular but more so a statement, symbolising a sad farewell to Burberry’s chief creative and CEO Christopher Bailey and what a way to end the show. The earrings, the pixy cut and the plain white dress are what you need for your blank canvas when you are covering it with this beautiful coat of many colours.

One day I pray to add a copy of this coat to my own wardrobe with my many faux furs but for now, we only have this picture and the memory it leaves behind.

Here’s to Spring/Summer – go out and shine!

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