April Artist Introduction

April Artist Introduction

With less than a week to go, we’re giving you some insights into the live performers you’ll be seeing on the 27th.


Concise is a rapper hailing from London, known for his deep wordplay and aggressive delivery. Having received positive reception for both his recent ‘Blackbox‘ freestyle and recent visuals for ‘Senzu Bean’ this is an artist to watch.

Beginning his foray into songwriting and rapping at secondary school, Concise sidelined his musical ability while at school and university, but never gave up his ambitions for music. After university, Concise began involving himself in music,  with more to come! Drawing inspiration from a wide range of artists, particularly Lupe Fiasco & Scorcher, this is reflected in his music.

Check out his Youtube channel and follow him on all social media channels @keepitconcise!


Sheba Q

Margaret Atugonza is a singer song writer who references traditional jazz standards as well as indie folk music as the basis for her inspiration.

Having taught herself to play piano from the age of 14 she is a musician who is always keen to push her artistic boundaries and explore. Whether that be singing and rapping in her mother tongue or emulating styles of singing from across the globe due to her eclectic music collection.

Whatever project she is working on, it’s sure to be from the heart and expressed in a new and exciting way

Gesu Ace

Emerging artist Gesu Ace is a 25 year old London based songwriter with a uniquely dark and atmospheric sound designed for Fashion and Film.

Gesu’s music serves as a poetic exposé of life, love, lust and death, drawing upon distorted reflections of religion, spirituality, relationships, beauty and the art of creation itself. Inspired by an eclectic mix of ancient mythology, poets such as William Blake and John Milton, rappers like Joe Budden and Pusha T and singers such as Taylor Momsen from the Pretty Reckless, Gesu crafts emotive compositions that depend on the synergy between the lyrical and the visual.

Gesu’s first release, Pandora’s Box, was commissioned for a documentary feature film currently in post production and narrated by the legendary broadcaster Larry King.