Press Play: Mr Hazeum

Press Play: Mr Hazeum

Now when it comes to grime I have always been a hardcore fan, then I kind of fell off it recently. I’m not really into the new age grime, I mean I listen to songs every now and then but I can’t say I follow it religiously like I used to.

But I’ve realised that when grime ‘died down’ in London it stayed true to its roots up in the Midlands. I believe that some of the top grime MCS nowadays are from up there, including Remtrex, Jaykae, Saf One and Mayhem NODB

Now Mr Hazeum… this is the first time I can admit to sitting down and listening to a grime album from start to finish. I didn’t skip a single track! The first time I heard of MAyhem was when I heard his tune on GRM Daily called ‘House Invasion’.

The flow and energy of the tune instantly grabbed my attention – it was definitely something my ears needed to hear! Now I’m sure a lot of people will tell me that I’m late to finding out about him and this is something I hold my hands up to so after a few listens of ‘House Invasion’,  began scouring Youtube to find anything else he’d been involved in, increasingly impressed by everything I found.

I knew as soon as Mr Hazeum was released I had to cop it!

The project was a 140bpm masterpiece,  exactly what I had been missing! This was a 17 track gift sent from the 0121 grime gods. It was so cold, from the first track to the last, not a single track got skipped! What I like the most about the album was that it wasn’t not watered down at all, it was hard hitting and straight grimey, you definitely couldn’t mistake this album for nothing but grime. You could also tell that Mayhem is having fun with the music, with his playful flows and cold delivery.

My favourite tracks on the album are ‘House Invasion’ closely followed by ‘Makes Me Happy’ and ‘Mr Hazeum’. Mr Hazeum was the first track on the album and completely set the tone of what to expect. “I ran into a yard man went there so we killed mans family pet, I don’t if you’re hard don’t you know every life’s gonna end in death.” I knew I was gonna love the tape after I heard that.

Go check it out on Apple Music, Spotify, ITunes – you won’t regret it.

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