Thoughts on the Met Gala

Thoughts on the Met Gala

You may have heard about it – but what outfits had the biggest impact at the Met Gala? Crystal sheds some light on one of the year’s biggest fashion events…

Fashion’s biggest gala has hit our screens again, showcasing the world’s most spectacular dresses. You may try to run away from it but you can’t, with every social media outlet showcasing the many beautiful designs from incredible and iconic designers. I like to call it a designers’ halloween, the themes excite us all as we anxiously wait for some of the world’s biggest stars to walk those iconic steps and carpet.

This year marked my favourite theme so far – Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. Being a fashionista myself, I couldn’t help but find many similarities with certain outfits and some online retailers. Here I am going to showcase my favourite looks of the night and where you can find similar looks online! Where do I even begin…


Credit: Hawtcelebs

J-Lo SLAYED this outfit! I am all here for this dress plus the high heels to finish off this look. The detail on this dress is much appreciated, plus the choppy bob helps showcase the symbolic frame over her shoulders, before falling over a beautiful physique. I’m happy that the tail of the dress is plain and not overly decorated so you naturally look at the dress itself and the icon wearing it! Seeing this for the first time I thought of Missguided and their latest looks, I made a couple purchases a few weeks back as I love the embellished cross.

Regretfully, we won’t be finding this exact dress online any time soon but the inspiration is definitely there. Missguided styles the cross on many different pieces as you can see. I myself own the cute boots and love to style them with jeans and a duster coat or a cute dress.

Kim K West


If anyone can pull off a dress like this its Kim K! As much as we doubt her ‘natural’ curves, her figure alone can make a bin bag into Versace’s next line. I love the simplicity of this dress, considering the attention to detail on many others at the Gala. I also love the subtle placements of the crosses on the dress and the elegant flow of this material simply falling over her curves. Below you’ll see two dresses from Missguided and Boohoo.


Credit: Boohoo (l) and Missguided (r)

Ariana Grande

Credit: USA News

Looking like a walking Sistine Chapel, Ariana definitely read the invite and read it good! Delicate vibes surround this dress with its baby blue tint and chiffon layer. With her cute and petite frame, Ariana can’t help but look like a Disney princess in the making. I love the elegancy of this gown and all that it stands for.

PrettyLittleThing did have a very similar print to this on a shorter and tighter dress, shamefully it looks like it’s all sold out so below I found the closest looks to this divine piece.

Credit: PrettyLittleThing


Credit: Harpers Bazaar

Ri Ri always has and always will have my heart, especially when it comes to fashion. Is there a look that Rihanna can’t pull off?

Here we see the heavy embellished and most detailed gown to hit the Met Gala this year, as you can see Rihanna also took the theme literally! Some are calling her a sexy Pope – I just call it Rihanna! This stunning outfit and pope’s hat has everyone talking, so much so, that Rihanna has unofficially been crowned the best dressed guest. Below you will see some inspirations I found if you’re going for a detailed look like Ri Ri’s. 

Credit: PrettyLittleThing

Lena White

Credit: Vogue

Probably the most powerful message on a Met Gala Runway, Lena thrives in this incredible cape; considering the theme of the night. Celebrating LGBT in the finest way, I applaud her for this bold yet brilliant statement at fashion’s most-talked about event. I have mentioned in recent posts about the rainbow theme and its great effect on our style this summer.

 Boohoo have kindly helped me to keep my word and have added an amazing new range (probably for the festivals) helping those inspired by this look to add a hint of rainbow to your everyday outfit.


Credit: Boohoo

There you have it, fashions most talked about event and the most inspiring looks to date. I hope you all enjoy the inspiration behind these looks and find your own way to style and accessorise in your beautiful unique way. 

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